MTS Infrared Roof Scans for Moisture

Roof leaks develop due to factors associated with installation, design, and maintenance. Water in roofing systems can create two problems: Leakage and trapped moisture. When water leaks into a building it is rare that the leak inside the building is directly related to the spot on the roof where the water enters. Most insulation will absorb water until it cannot hold any more and then begin to leak into the building. The point where it enters the building may not be the same where it enters the membrane on the roof top. An infrared roof moisture scan can help locate these areas.

Once moisture enters a roofing system it becomes trapped and rarely dries. This causes the roof materials to degrade and fail prematurely, especially insulation types located directly beneath the surface material. Infrared surveys are a proven method for identifying and defining moisture problems in flat or low sloped commercial roofs. They are used by facility managers, building managers, property managers, government agencies and roof contractors everywhere to locate trapped moisture in roofing systems.



Benefits of an Infrared Roof Survey:

  • Detect moisture in insulation quickly
  • Eliminate replacing good portion of roof
  • Avoid adding unnecessary to landfill
  • IR scans are non-destructive
  • Reduce maintenance cost

How IR Roof Scans Work

During the day solar energy radiates onto the roof and it is absorbed through into the roof system. At night after the sun has set, areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas. Infrared camera can detect and document this heat. The dry roof will appear cool because the energy it received was radiated back into the atmosphere rather than conducted and stored. The wet roof, however, will appear warmer as it finally radiates all of the energy it has been conducting during the day. This is why the best thermal contrasts usually occur several hours after sunset.


Why MTS Infrared Roof Scan Service?

We provide detailed, high-quality and easy to understand certified infrared inspection reports that thoroughly documenting our findings