Why MTS Controls (Roof Management System)?

MTS Controls

With MTS Controls you always have access to all the information about your roof systems. Whether you're in the office, at your home or on the go, you have access to the information you need.



Roof Reports

The simplicity of your roof reports is what makes it so popular with facility managers. The information you need in an easy to understand, easy to access format, built around a user friendly platform.

Reports include:

  • Composition explaining roof type 
  • Observation pictures and videos
  • Condition summary with deficiencies and pricing
  • Recommendations for repairs with roof grades
  • Repair budgets
  • Capital budgets for roof replacements
  • Service Dispatch

As a facility manager, it is nice to get quick response when dealing with leaks. With the one button “Service Dispatch” feature, it will get you immediate emergency support to get that leak resolved. Once a leak has been dispatched, you are able to see the progress of the leak call in real time, with the service dispatch tab on your dashboard. Work orders and dispatches are time stamped at every step so you know the exact status at all times.

What MTS Controls can do for your facility:

  • Real time, short term and long term budgets
  • Estimated replacement dates and costs
  • Track all repair costs and repair locations
  • Save you money by making your roof last longer
  • Provide quality control and track roof replacements with daily reports

Extend the Life of your roof

Master Techs roof maintenance has been proven to extend the life of roofs by up to 10 years. Proactive maintenance can extend the life of your roof by as much as 50%.

Avoid Large Capital Expenditures

Being able to schedule repairs and large replacement projects means less reacting to surprise roof problems.

Avoid The Hidden Costs of Emergency Roof Leaks

Virtually eliminate the lesser known consequences of emergency roof leaks such as downtime, tenant complaints, lost revenue, slip and fall accidents, and legal claims. Being proactive means avoiding expensive repairs when you react to roof leaks, especially during winter months.

 Keep On A Scheduled Routine

  • A scheduled routine for roof upkeep and repairs allows for better scheduling for your maintenance staff.
  • Master Tech Services performs periodic preventive maintenance such as:
    • Routine “housekeeping” including removing debris from roof area to ensure proper drainage.
    • Inspection and maintenance of entire roof area, especially to seams, penetrations, metal flashings, walls and expansion joints.
    • Updating the owners online MTS CONTROLS Portal for accurate data of roof conditions.
    • We will review the current inspection with you before leaving the site.

MTS CONTROLS pricing is available upon request.