We have professional experience in the removal and installs of all types of penetrations including stacks, roof curbs, drains and skylights. Our expertise is top-notch with coordinating with other contractors and making sure your project is done right to manufactures specs to make sure no warranties are voided.  


Master Tech Services provides full-time roof observation services to observe the work of the contractors making sure that the roof install is up to manufactures specs, verify materials, maintain quality control, and that the job is on scheduled to be completed on time. We represent the owner of the facility and keep in constant contact, we provide daily/weekly field reports (including pictures and percentage of job completed). Master Tech Services gives you the ease of mind knowing your roof was done right.

Snow Guards

Master Tech Services can determine where you have areas on your sloped roofs of snow/ice build ups. This includes metal, shingles, tpo, epdm or modified roofs. The installation of snow guards prevents the sudden release of snow and ice from a roof, which is known as a roof avalanche. A roof avalanche can cause damage to people, pets, cars, landscaping, gutters, plumbing vents, lower roof areas, skylights and anything else that might be in the immediate area below your roof. Snow guards will allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or allow snow and ice to melt completely before falling to the ground or other roofs. Let us install your snow guards that will maintain the roof's integrity, without voiding the roofing manufacturers warranty and can be installed on new or existing roofs.


Even the smallest leak can interrupt operations, slow down workflow and result in equipment, structural and inventory damage. Keeping you dry is what your roof is designed to do, but sometimes your roof can leak from factors such as holes, age, extreme weather or basic mechanical damage from others. Keeping up with leaks is important to keep water from infiltrating your roof system, this can cause insulation to become wet. After time, this can possibly lead to mold and  structural problems. Let Master Tech Services take care of your roof problems. We respond 24/7 and 365 days a year. We have over 50 years of experience in finding leaks and can find those leaks other contractors can't seem to find. All of your leaks are ran through MTS Controls to keep a history of exact locations and expenses.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential in making sure your roofs are performing at their highest potential. We are experienced at performing thorough roof inspections that examine the entire roof area, especially the seams, penetrations, metal flashings, walls and expansion joints. Being proactive means avoiding expensive repairs when you react to roof leaks, especially during winter months. Maintaining your roof is a low cost way of insuring that your building stays in optimal condition. Combining preventive maintenance and MTS Controls gives you the edge by always knowing the current condition and budgets for your roofs.

Snow Removal 

Heavy snow loads put dangerous levels of stress on the structural integrity of your roof. A roof collapse causes significant building damage, endangers people's lives, risks damaging or destroying building contents, halts or reduces productivity and usually leads to huge financial losses. We understand your roofing system and know how to protect it during the removal process without causing damage or voiding any warranties.